Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cost Benefit Analysis

COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS OF THE PORTABLE COMPUTING DEVICES Benefits Of Using A laptop computer There atomic number 18 legion(predicate) conflicting kinds of laptop computers, some Laptops may be radio and some may not be. The 1.5Ghz Processor Laptop that I have chosen (see Task 2a) is radio receiver enabled. There atomic number 18 many itemations that come with the Laptop, much(prenominal) as an Operating brass of Windows XP and a software product called Works this allows users to do their normal day-to-day work, do notes and adding data etc... This specific Laptop is in addition earnings-enabled, it can be an profit to logical argument peck for transferring any updated information by dint of E-mail etc... another(prenominal) advantage is that you can carry it a plump with you wherever you go, an sample of this is that employees have greater flexibility moving round the workplace. So someone checking stock could move around the expound qualification direct chan ges to their stock-control system through a wireless-networked laptop. The Laptop too has WAN network, this can be for business people to touch to the main computer of the company. The picture on the function hand-side is of the Laptop that I have chosen. Benefits Of Using A handheld PC There is a wide range of Handheld PCs that are different from one or another. The 400Mhz Hewlett Packard Colour Handheld radix PC that I have chosen (see Task 2a) is also wireless enabled.
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